CHARISMA – February 2016

CHARISMA supports efforts to: increase women’s agency to safely use ARV-based HIV prevention, to engage male partners in HIV prevention, and to overcome harmful gender norms and reduce intimate partner violence (IPV).

Social benefits-harms tool and intervention development. CHARISMA is working on a landscape analysis of grey and scientific literature on promising practices for IPV prevention, screening, referral, and support, focusing on IPV studies conducted in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Malawi. This will identify the context-specific risk factors for IPV and violence against women.

The team received IRB exemption to conduct secondary data analyses for VOICE, VOICE C, VOICE D, ASPIRE, MTN 015, and MTN 016. These analyses will examine how women reporting social harms (SH)/IPV experiences differed from other participants regarding adherence, relationship type, and other demographic variables. The team is preparing a concept to review, analyze, and report on male partner engagement in CAPRISA 008 and ASPIRE.

The research team is awaiting ethics approval to conduct interviews with former ASPIRE participants, focus groups with providers, and surveys with women.

Stakeholder engagement and scientific advisory group. CHARISMA identified key stakeholders globally and in South Africa and shared its list with OPTIONS.

The team formed a scientific advisory group of gender, HIV, and gender-based violence experts.

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