EMOTION – August 2016

EMOTION increases uptake and correct and consistent use of ARV-based HIV prevention products by women at high risk of HIV infection using an end-user centered strategy.

EMOTION completes human-centered design research. From June 17 to July 2, EMOTION conducted its second phase of human-centered design (HCD) research (Kalahari II) in Johannesburg, Ladysmith, and Durban. In the field, they worked side-by-side with local partner Instant Grass, who provided linguistic and cultural translation, as well as strategic guidance from an on-the-ground perspective. At various times, they were joined by USAID representatives and other EMOTION partners (Abt Associates, Matchboxology and CAPRISA) while conducting live prototyping experiments, including brand and touchpoints for a holistic experience based on the design principles generated in Kalahari I. To date, EMOTION has conducted more than 288 interviews and interactions with young women, male partners, health care providers, and key influencers. Currently, CONRAD is working with IDEO to synthesize data for experience blueprint and design adjustments based on feedback from Kalahari II.

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