MPii presence at AIDS 2016

The MPii projects had two concepts accepted for AIDS 2016, which will be held in Durban, South Africa in July. Come check us out at these events:

OPTIONS, USAID, and WHO will co-host a Global Village youth workshop titled, “The HIV prevention landscape for women: A look at new and emerging HIV prevention options, including PrEP, vaginal rings and new products in development.” It will include three expert presentations and a panel discussion that will provide a forum to discuss women’s needs and expectations for new HIV prevention technologies.

A Scientific Skills Development workshop, titled, “What do we need to access and deliver PrEP?: tapping into the unheard voices of end-users and providers to support country-level advocacy and ensure equitable access to PrEP” will also be co-hosted by OPTIONS, USAID, and WHO. Panel discussions with end users, service providers, and national policy makers will identify key considerations for using PrEP, explore experiences in providing it, and develop advocacy strategies for national-level needs.

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