MPii presents at three international conferences

MPii presents at three international conferences

Photo Credit: Fern Terris-Prestholt

MPii participated in three international conferences, presenting results from several different areas of work. At the South Africa AIDS Conference in June, OPTIONS presented posters about its iterative process to create information, education, and communication (IEC) materials for the launch of oral PrEP at sex worker sites, as well as efforts to collect additional evidence about adolescent girls and young women demonstration projects to support future oral PrEP rollout.

In July at IAS 2017, OPTIONS presented two posters about the development of rollout scenarios in Kenya and Zimbabwe, which were used to inform the national oral PrEP implementation plans in both countries. Meanwhile, CHARISMA presented two posters at the international conference about the development and validation of the Social Benefits-Harms Tool (SBHT) and perspectives of male and female partners navigating dapivirine vaginal ring use.

Additionally, OPTIONS hosted two sessions at the International Health Economics Congress (IHEA) focused on discrete choice experiments (DCE) in South Africa. One session presented results from a DCE used to determine the key drivers of demand among women for new HIV prevention products, while the other presentation focused on how DCE can improve equity in access to socially marketed HIV prevention products.

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