MPii shares experiences at ICASA and global meetings

MPii shares experiences at ICASA and global meetings

Photo Credit: CHARISMA

At ICASA 2017, OPTIONS presented the poster, “Involving young people in rollout of oral PrEP: The case in Kenya.”

In November, the GEMS team presented an oral session on the potential challenges that PrEP implementation may pose to HIV drug resistance emergence at the annual meeting for WHO HIVResNet, a global network advising WHO on the control and surveillance of HIV drug resistance.

At the Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum, held 18-21 September in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, CHARISMA presented, “Generating CHARISMA: Development of an intervention to help women build agency and safety in their relationships while using HIV prevention methods.” CHARISMA also presented an update on the clinic-based intervention at the MTN Annual Meeting on 21 September in Cape Town, South Africa.

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